R E P L E N I S H | D U O

R E P L E N I S H | D U O

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This organic replenishing duo is all your skin will ever need to be clean, fresh & replenished . . . 

This light and super absorbable face cream we describe as ‘ACTIVE’ due to it’s organic active ingredients that help to REPLENISH the skin. REFINE and SMOOTH fine lines with the aid of ROSEHIP OIL and STARFLOWER OIL (BORAGE OIL) offers maximum quantities of GLA ‘s that REPLENISH the skin, bringing about a YOUTHFUL glow. FRANKINCENSE essential oil works on skin renewal and repair so is perfect for firming and toning. RESTORE your natural radiance with CARROT oil – another organic skin nutrient. HYDRATE & RENEW, skin feels comfortable and refreshed. VITAMIN E provides ANTIOXIDANT protection and repair. The most SENSITIVE skin feels wonderfully refreshed and comfortable 
- the BEST it can be!


For SENSITIVE skin, gently CLEANSES & TONES. ALMOND & COCONUT oils help to melt and lift away make up and impurities from the surface of the skin, unblocking pores, skin feels comfortably clean, soft & HYDRATED. Organic CARROT oil restores and refreshes. OrganicROSE essential oil is SOOTHING and provides COMFORT for the skin. Organic essential oil of FRANKINCENSE tones the skin and softens fine lines as it is gently applied, it helps to erase the traces of the day