Our Ingredients

We create EARTH MOTHER SOUL SISTER skin care using our ‘dream list’ of organic ingredients... the ultimate wish list of active ingredients in every product to make it high performance and perfect in every way, without compromise.

All of the products in the range are professionally formulated & manufactured in small batches in the UK, to the highest organic specification & industry standard. Certified by UK’s The Soil Association, Vegan, Cruelty Free & Not Animal Tested as accredited by Cruelty Free International/Leaping Bunny Programme.

Our packaging is from FSC certified paper & the boxes printed vegetable ink dyes.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite active ingredients and the reasons why, you too, will want them in your skin care…


This is one of our ultimate favorite ingredients…renowned and legendary for it’s skin nourishing and repairing properties. This is due to Rose hip oil being incredibly rich in essential fatty acids responsible for cell regeneration and repair. Beneficial for people who suffer from skin complaints such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, scaring, pigmentation issues, stretch marks, skin sensitivity…
Absorbing instantly this oil assists the skin with growth and repair while allowing it to breathe, preventing signs of premature ageing. Rosehip naturally contains Retinoic acid a derivative of Vitamin A, this is proven for delaying the signs of ageing skin. This luxurious and antioxidant-packed oil gives elasticity to the skin, soothing fine lines and wrinkles.


This waxy oil can aid skin cell renewal. Can help with premature ageing of the skin and the appearance of imperfections. Absorbing readily into the skin keeping it soft but not greasy. Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants (the small molecular structure of coconut oil allows) that penetrate into the underlying tissues, coconut oil has been shown to help significantly to condition the skin. Can help to reduce chronic skin dryness and aid the removal of the outer dead skin layer, revealing the softer smoother skin.


This therapeutic oil is healing, soothing and offers many more skin repairing properties. Anti-pathogenic, Calendula acts against fungal, amoebic, bacterial and even viral infections. Very helpful for sore and inflamed skin conditions Great to use when skin healing is a priority. Calendula often recommended for soothing eczema, acne, burns, rashes, prematurely aged skin and whenever the skin needs help to heal (whether due to infection or physical damage). Helpful for reducing broken capillaries, spider, varicose or thread veins. Regenerating and stimulating skin cell activity. Calendula offers astringent properties – having a ‘skin tightening’ effect due mainly to its resin and oil composition.


This superb oil is one of the richest sources of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Easily absorbed. Comprising of 52-73% Linoleic acid (omega 6) helps to regulate skin permeability. Also, along with vitamins A and D, has a high level of tocopherol, natural Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. It has deeply nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing and restructuring properties offering some degree of photo-protection against short wave UVAs. Perfect for treating dry, damaged, weathered and aged skin complaints.


Containing Vitamins E and D this oil is slower to be absorption thus providing a protective layer on the skin. Helps the skin to become smooth, soft and supple. Good for most skin types – particularly dry and sensitive.


Organic glycerin has a chemical structure that enables it to fix a large quantity of water, thus encouraging suppleness of the skin, by capturing the ambient water. It is softening and highly moisturizing.


Offering anti-inflammatory properties. An emollient and moisturizer, remains on the surface of the skin giving protective layer, great for weather protective barrier and helps reduce the evaporation of moisture from the skin’s upper layers so useful too, in harsh air conditioned environments and during travel when skin tends to suffer and feel dry.


This rich butter is has superb skin nourishing properties, like shea butter, cocoa butter helps to reduce evaporation of moisture from the upper layers so useful in environments where skin may be prone to drying out such as during travelling or air conditioned spaces.


A well known cooling, healing and all round wonderful plant, we use Organic Aloe Vera in every product we can! All skin types and conditions benefit from the inclusion of this ingredient in the skin care regime. Cooling inflammation, healing chapped broken skin or simply aiding loss of moisture, feels fantastic when applied and promotes healthy glowing skin.


This essential oil offers calming and soothing properties. Renowned for it’s superb soothing properties and is especially useful for dry, problem irritated skin. Chamomile also is hugely beneficial in tissue healing and regeneration.


This is included in our skin care for it’s wonderful way of regulating the flow of sebum; so whether over oily or dry this clever oil helps restore balance so equally beneficial for all skin types… an excellent skin care ingredient.


This oil’s structure most closely resembles that of the skins’ own sebum, making it an excellent skin moisturizer and tolerated well, and beneficial for, all skin types; either overly dry or overly oily. It contains myristic acid, which has anti-inflammatory actions and as it is similar to the natural oil found in the skin, is easily absorbed. Excellent for helping to control acne…restores skins’ own natural balance - beautifully.


Astringent and antiseptic, superb at ensuing the skin feels clean and also has anti-inflammatory benefits so perfect acne type skin conditions.


A well-known skin helper – wound healing, anti-bacterial, cleansing, toning properties. Anti-microbial, due to presence of large amounts of volatile oils, Lavender essential oil is noted for it’s antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Has a gentle calming effect on the whole system, aiding relaxation.


This fantastic oil is bursting with skin helping properties! Contains high levels of antioxidants is extremely nutritious and rich in vitamin A and C. Recommended for naturally boosting collagen production and elastin levels. We have found the inclusion of this oil is incredibly beneficial in rosacea skin conditions and redness, by strengthening the fine capillaries the skin’s function improves as a result.


This oil is superb for regulating oil balance. Useful in relieving various conditions such as dermatitis and eczema, due to it’s content of GLA and omega 6; which helps with the metabolism of certain anti-inflammatory agents within the body. We have also found this oil to be extremely helpful in balancing ‘hormonal skin’ type out-breaks. Cold pressed oils have been shown to contain the highest level of antioxidant activity…we only use organic, cold pressed oils!


A super rich source of GLA’s (fatty acids) for ultimate moisture retaining effect on the skin, preventing dryness and increases the cell’s ability to absorb oxygen and to withstand disease. Can provide relief to people who suffer from skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis as the oil helps to restore moisture levels and bring smoothness to dry and damaged skin...an amazing all-round skin health promoting oil and little known beauty secret!


This oil has multiple benefits in the area of anti-ageing and restorative properties within skin care. It is a rich source of palmitoletic acid, natural carotenoids, sterols, fatty acids, tocopherols; all help to reverse the damage caused by sun radiation and minimize long term effects of sun exposure; including pigmentation, dark/age spots and wrinkles. Revitalizing tired skin and restoring stressed-out skin …it’s ideal for all skin types; as it protects, heals and regenerates.


Helps to balance pH to restore to the skins correct pH level, is excellent at fighting free radical damage due to it containing trienoic conjugated fatty acid (only found in Pomegranate plant oil) and exhibits more antioxidant activity than any other of the antioxidant rich botanicals. Also contains diverse bio-flavanoids, vitamin C extracts and anthocyanidins; which have been demonstrated to be antiviral and antibacterial. All results, in the inclusion of this wonderful oil helping to make the skin feel super soft and smooth. Our EYE CREAM PLUS contains a distinct POMEGRANATE EXTRACT that is extracted along with its high molecular weight carbohydrates. When applied on the skin, this ingredient provides immediate tightening and lifting benefits that help reduce the appearance of sagging and wrinkles.


Not only highly prized and beautiful, rose oil is also packed with therapeutic benefits for the skin. Tissue regenerator and anti-inflammatory rich in antioxidants; reduces redness, improves skin tone and improves hydration.


This beautiful oil suits all skin types, it is quite a ‘dry oil’, absorbs quickly bringing the skin minerals, vitamins and plant protein. Helps balance the formulation of the moisturizers ensuring maximum absorption.


Free radicals contribute to physical aging, thus is it essential to protect and revive the skin with powerful nutrients and skin-firming agents. Green tea is exceptionally rich in Proanthocyanidins, potent antioxidants that are twenty times more powerful than Vitamin C and fifty times more powerful than Vitamin E. Proanthocyanidins play a key role in the stabilization of collagen and maintenance of elastin, protecting the skin from environmental stressors, and improving capillary strength. By improving capillary strength, Proanthocyanidin rich Green Tea can reduce the leaking of blood that contributes to darkening in the periorbital area. Extracts of green tea also contain a whole range of polyphenols which are responsible for scavenging the free racicals. These radicals are all thought to increase the physical appearance of aging by breaking down capillary strength, leading to dark under-eye circles. CAFFEINE has the ability to reduce puffiness and diminish the appearance of the bags that emerge under the eyes. Caffeine’s vasoconstrictive proper¬ties help reduce puffiness due to the ability to make blood vessels smaller. Additionally, its diuretic properties help deflate puffiness, increase circulation and minimize dark circles that form under the eyes. Furthermore, caffeine also provides anti¬oxidant benefits that aid in the reduction of photo-aging. …GREEN TEA EXTRACT is included in our EYE CREAM PLUS.


To help improve and maintain the natural state of ‘living’ layer on the skin which helps promote good skin health and integrity. Derived from Lactobacillus lactis strains and is capable of reducing hyperpigmentation, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles… an important ingredient in our EYE CREAM PLUS to protect the eye area from environmental damage while diminishing the appearance of dark, unsightly circles under the eyes. Collagen degradation occurs earliest around the eyes where skin is thinnnest, making it imperative for products to treat the damage that causes bags under the eyes. HEMP OIL This all-round health promoting super oil is a must ingredient in our CALENDULA & HEMP HAND CREAM. It has high levels of vitamin A, C, and E, is rich in amino acids, and is an antioxidant packed wonder oil. Superb at moisturizing and protecting perfect for dry, chapped, irritated skin.


This beautiful resinous oil has numerous therapeutic benefits to overall health and wellness; when used in skin care it has useful astringent properties which benefits the tone of the skin. It has a tightening, firming effect to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles…one of the best essential oils for promoting a youthful glow. Amongst others, we include in our STARFLOWER & ROSEHIP FACE CREAM.


This wonderfully nutritious oil is superb at reducing scarring and skin cell rejuvenation. Due to it’s rich content of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotin; helps reduce dryness so hugely beneficial for skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis and premature ageing…feeds the skin much needed nutrients.


Maximizing the nourishing effects of the product. Helpful for aiding skin healing, Vitamin E also helps to preserve the products’ integrity and shelf life, in line with the organic certification standards. We also include BENZYL ALCOHOL which is a derivative of essential oil, this ensures product safety, our products are manufactured professionally to achieve high performance & perfect quality in every way, each and every bottle.


Our unique perfume range has been created with the finest natural botanical essences. Each blend is a fine fragrance; a joy to discover, own and wear. Each organic eau de parfum contains 100% certified organic ingredients in 100% certified organic grain alcohol, Vegan & Cruelty free/Not tested on animals. The 12 blends are....VIOLET ROSE , PETTIGRAIN GREEN TEA, ANGELICA MARJARAM, JASMINE SANDALWOOD, BERGAMOT SAGE, VANILLA TONKANEROLI MANDARIN, SPICE SILVER FIR, GERANIUM BERGAMOT, ORANGE PATCHOULI, YLANG YLANG JASMINE. We have found that people who cannot usually tolerate most perfumes can enjoy wearing these beautiful creations.