I N V I G O R A T E | D U O

I N V I G O R A T E | D U O

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Rosehip & Jojoba Exfoliator and Grapefruit & Ylang ylang Hand & Body Lotion

An invigorating and refreshing organic gift set . . . 

Rosehip & Jojoba Exfoliator

A thorough, but gentle exfoliation treatment, lightly polishes and EXFOLIATES the skin with the cleansing action of the JOJOBA BEADS & COCONUT OIL, lifting away impurities & leaves your skin glowing and fresh. Organic essential oils of LAVENDER & FRANKINCENSE offer wonderful anti bacterial & anti inflammatory properties so skin feels totally renewed and vibrant. ALOE VERA ensures skin is soothed and ALMOND oil has a wonderful affinity with the skin and ensures the exfoliation is SMOOTH and comfortable. Resulting in a GORGEOUS even-toned and fresher looking complexion.


Grapefruit & Ylang ylang Body Lotion

This beautiful NOURISHING body lotion, is rich in organic plant omega oils and extracts, including ROSEHIP OIL, RASPBERRY OIL, ALOE VERA and COCOA BUTTER. Absorbs well and leaves skin SOFT, SMOOTH, supple & hydrated. Repeated use often results in improved skin feel and texture due to the FIRMING & TONING properties of the essential oils and other organic active ingredients. With an UPLIFTING & INTOXICATING scent from organic essential oils: PATCHOULI, YLANG YLANG & GRAPEFRUIT - this body lotion is both super luxurious & actually quite addictive!

Apply as and when desired. PERFECT for helping improve skin texture with firming & toning properties. UPLIFTING the senses with an invigorating scent from organic essential oils.