I N D U L G E N T |  D U O

I N D U L G E N T | D U O

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Organic indulgent duo of our luxurious nourishing hand & body lotions in our signature organic scents . . . 

The beautiful NOURISHING hand & body lotions, are rich in organic plant omega oils and extracts, including ROSEHIP OIL, ALOE VERA and COCOA BUTTER. Absorb well and leaves skin SOFT, supple & hydrated. Repeated use often results in improved skin feel and texture due to the FIRMING properties of the essential oils and other organic active ingredients.

Grapefruit & Ylang ylang Hand & Body Lotion

With an UPLIFTING & INTOXICATING scent from organic essential oils: PATCHOULI, YLANG YLANG & GRAPEFRUIT - this body lotion is both super luxurious & actually quite addictive!

Apply as and when desired. PERFECT for helping improve skin texture with firming & toning properties. UPLIFTING the senses with an invigorating scent from organic essential oils.


Frankincense & Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
LAVENDER, FRANKINCENSE & ROSE organic essential oils are a stunning blend and deeply CALMING & RELAXING helping to make you feel RESTORED & RENEWED. This luxurious body lotion once tried becomes an ABSOLUTE MUST!