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We are receiving some amazing feedback today for this little miracle worker! Our Certified Organic ARNICA & CHAMOMILE EYE CREAM PLUS Intensive Antioxidant Treatment …read all about it here

CERTIFIED ORGANIC & clinically proven to reduce all the signs of aging around the eyes; the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags, dark circles and puffiness. This ANTI AGEING formula will LIFT, TIGHTEN, FIRM & REFRESH. Rich in skin firming actives; contains a unique complex of POMEGRANATE, GREEN TEA & PROBIOTICS. Along with ARNICA to help reduce dark circles, ALOE VERA for soothing and refreshing tired eyes and ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL to SMOOTH and repair …

This Eye Cream is a super hard-working wrinkle remover! Perfect for even the most sensitive and delicate skin.

Customer reviews...

"WOW!! nothing much more to say than a PRODUCT THAT TRULY WORKS. Honestly my eyes look better in the space of a week" Paula - Lancashire

"The only eye cream I have ever used that makes a noticeable difference, will recommend to my friends too...AMAZING!" Chloe - Wimslow

"My eyes are so very sensitive, most products make them sting and water so I am always cautious to use any but this eye cream is so soothing my eyes feel really my dark circles have almost gone. Thanks Earth Mother Soul Sister!" Maria - Clitheroe

Customer reviews...

"Wow after only a week of use, my eyes look fresher, more awake and definitely less crows feet! So very happy with this product"

"I notice a difference around my eyes. LOVE this eye cream" Ali - London

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